If You Have To Hate the War


 Support Our Brave Warriors


Proud Parent of a 3rd Brigade Combat Team Soldier!

Support Our Troops


     I would like to take the time to ask that we all remember our troops in our prayers.  The brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom as we speak.  Please remember them and their families in your prayers.  Many of them have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives  for our great country so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we so often take for granted. 

I am a very proud father of an American Soldier!  My son is currently deployed to Afghantistan for combat with his infantry unit.  As a family I can tell you the sacrifice and daily worry is overwhelming.  I have family that have been in combat and close friends but never had I realized the sense of fear and frustration that comes along with being a parent of a deployed soldier.  I am humbled by his sacrifice and share in the sacrifice of other family members as they deploy to safeguard our freedom.  We truly have become and Army Strong Family!  I can assure you  Freedom is not Free and my son is  defending our freedom in a dark place somewhere.  I support him and all of our troops without them we would not enjoy the freedoms that many of us so take for granted. To my son his brother from another mother Kevin and the rest we anxiously we await your safe return and we thank you daily for your sacrifice! You are in our prayers! God Speed and God Bless the USA!