Margate Log Cabin and all its Members

Margate City Police Department

Margate City Fire Department

Brigantine Police Department

Mainland PBA

Linwood Police Department

Stockton State College Police Department

Atlantic City Police Department

Atlantic County Department Public Safety

Raymond Bernard

S/O Karen Deviny Atlantic County Sheriffs Department

New Jersey State Police

To Shelby Thank You For The Gifts of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Inspiration and the Courage You Have Showed Us All May You Rest in Peace

Dr. Benjamin Epstein D.O and Kathy for going beyond the call of duty

Deborah Peary R.N. (The General)  Atlantic City Medical Center Mainland Division for laying down the law and bringing nursing to a different level

Kimberly Newman, MSN, RN, APN,C  (The Colonel) Atlantic City Medical Center Mainland Division for laying down the law when Deb wasnt around

Theresa Dunford MSN, RN, APN, C for all your love, support and for knowing a fever when you see one

Christine Cornell RN Atlantic City Medical Center Mainland for your compassion

Dr. Salartash-Dr. Patel for removing the alien from Randys Stomach

Dr. Childs Hope Care Community Cancer Center for all your compassion

Dr. Kenneth Mangan and the Staff of the Bone Marrow Clinic Jeanes Hospital  Temple Fox Chase for helping Randy to kick cancer

Bonnie Parsons PA Temple Fox Chase Bone Marrow Clinic

Dr. Alexander Parikh Temple Health System Surgical Oncologist for doing what the others could not

The Staff at the Wound Clinic Shore Memorial Hospital Somers Point New Jersey special  thanks to Mary Jo and Lynn

Margaret Crescenzo R.N.  Kessler Home Care for excellent home care and support

Michelle Walsh R.N. you came in where the others left off

Dr. Robert Holzten and Staff for your continued support and care

Dr. Klump and Dr. Jallella and Staff of the Bone Marrow Unit thank for your excellent care and compassion.

Master Mal Perkins Ninja Karate Academy Thank You for Your Continued Love, Support and life lessons 

Sensei Robert Storck Thank You for Your Many Lessons may the learning never stop. Thanks for the reality check.

The Staff of the Northfield Municipal Court  Fran, Donna the other Clark, Peggy, Sue thank you for all your cards and well wishes

The Northfield Professional Firefighters Thank Your For All of Your Support

The Northfield Volunteer Firefighters Thank You for All Your Support

Mayor Frank Perri and Chief Lynn Perri for your continued support

The Members of the Northfield Police Department for all your continued love and support

The Men and Women  of the Atlantic City Police Department Thank You for All Your Support

To Mikey"O Worlds Toughest Motorcycle Cop for showing Randy how to, " kick cancer in the crotch".

To for your continued support to the Law Enforcement Community

Patrolman Martin Peary and New Jersey State Trooper Dan Torres to the best partners I ever had thanks for keeping me fighting

Officer Jeff Dungan, Officer Andi Perry, Officer Bill Wenz, Det.Heidi Clayton, Officer Ed Rafter, Officer Chris Staines, Officer Jenny Seif, Officer Michael Camp, Officer Rudy Lushena,  Captain William McNight of  Atlantic City Police Department thanks for all your help and support

The Pacentrelli Family for all your support

Zelig Family of This and That Uniforms Pleasantville N.J. for your generous support

The Irish Pub St. James and The Walk Atlantic City N.J for your generous support

Diane Mitchell WAYV Mike and Diane Show for your continued love, support and friendship

Jessica Holland my chemosabee Thanks for All Your Support

Harry Hurley The Truth in Broadcasting Thank You for All Your Support!!!

"Baby Oney" Kaitlin Anzelone and the Anzelone Family for giving me the courage to carry on! Rest in Peace Oney!

C/O Greg Dipeano

Norma Thompson

S/O Steve Melchiore

Tilton Market Northfield NJ

Shoprite Somers Point NJ

Acme Somers Point NJ

Super Fresh Egg Harbor Township NJ

Claude and Lillian Blesoe

Charles & Shirley Silcox

Norm & Vera Turner

The Masters Family

Millie DeBeer

Don & Ann Cheatle


Marjorie Mcmahon

Leon Betty Gushawm

Nancy Micale

Marge Banning

George and Bette Smith

Lee & Kathy Bergen

Maryanne and Ed Stanton

Nancy Marinski

Betty Aleshire

Debra Smith

The Hogg Family

Elaine St. John

Jone & Eunice Williamson

Barbara Dare

Pat Angstadt

Guy & Jean Morrow

Barbara Diefenbeck

Sheila Hemphill

Rose and Fred Green



January 19,2006 while updating the site I noticed that many of my supporters were deleted.  I am very sorry for this and if you are not mentioned here please send me an email and I will put you back up immediately.  Email me at For all of you that are not mentioned I cannot thank you enough for all that has been done for me.  I appreciate everything and believe me I could not have done this without all your help.