Bone Marrow Aspiration Im bleeding like a stuck pig son is looking in horror PA is sweating the question arises your not taking aspirin are you? No mam it could be the red bull............


Bone Marrow Days

"Were checking the sample it might not be enough"

"That Looks Like It Hurts"

I Promise As Long As You Tell Me What Your Doing I Wont Make A Peep "Yeh Right"

The Average Stay Here is 28 days

Thats Average Ill Do It in 22



"Mr. Clark medicine is not a exact science"   by Dr. Hule Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia P.A.

"You have not been drinking or taking tylenol have you?"

(Maybe if I ask him three seperate times he will fold and tell the truth)  " If you were drinking your liver levels would be reversed"

Dr. Salartash "Just keep packing the wound it will heal"

Dr. Parikh "You were never going to heal you had a suture reaction the whole time"

Bone Marrow Aspiration 2006:  You have very hard bones youll never get osteo porosis. 

"I lost the sample"

"You really do have a high pain tolerance"  Shore Memorial Hospital Wound Clinic 2004

"Maybe will put in a pic line into since we dont have three lumen cathether this is only a two lumen cathether"  

No you wont youll get my Doctor on the phone right now! Jeanes Hospital Interventional Radiology 2004

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles Clerk "Ha Ha I have SARS", 

 Ha Ha I have Leukemia and Im wearing the mask so you don't get me sick!

"Dr. Nanfara Northfield New Jersey You Dont Have a Hernia you have a abdominal wall strain and Im Sending you back to work."  " I have not missed anytime at work Doc, I went back to work the day I was hurt".  "What are all those surgeries from anyway".  "I had cancer doc read the chart"

"Radiologist from Atlantic Medical Imaging 2006 You have a small abdominal wall hernia"