The Randys Kicking Cancer Fund has been established to assist others and their families with financial and emotiional support in the war against cancer.  The fight against cancer is a difficult ordeal to say the least.  Cancer takes both a physcial and emotional toll on the patient, family and caretakers.  Unfortunately the financial burden of treatments can make the difference between life and death.  The cost of medical treatments and prescription medications has risen steadily.  The treatments which may save your life may also put those who are suffering in financial ruin.  The non prescription medications and medications which are not covered by insurance along with other supplies needed for treatment can be over burdening.  The cost of transportation to and from hospitals, doctors offices, testing facilites has risen.   Many people have no idea even if you do have insurance the cost which you can still incur.  The Randys Kicking Cancer Fund can assist others in bearing some of the cost of their treatments, medication and other expenses directly related to their care.   Please contact us if you believe that we can be of assistance. 

For Details on How We May Be Able to Assist You or Your Family Contact us Via Email at: randyskickingcancer@comcast.net

Who we have helped:

Shelby Richter Fund for Sarcoma Research

Kaitlin Anzelone Foundation

American Cancer Society

Kenny Estergrenn Cancer Benefit

Michael D. Mcgrath Cancer Benefit

Charles Peterson Cancer Fund "Little Charlie"

Lance Armstrong Foundation Supporters

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Gildas Club South Jersey


We will continue to Support Local Charities and Nationwide Charities as Funding Permits