Im Kicking Cancer With the Help of  God and A Little Help from My Friends.




 I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit  my website.  My life has been a whirlwind lately and has basically turned upside down.  So much has happened so quickly between doctors visits, surgeries, fighting with insurance companies etc. it has been another full time job.

    Throughout my journey I have met many wonderful and caring people those who went out of their way to help and do things for me that were just amazing. Not because it was their job but because they were caring people. The nurses in the hospital  at Atlantic City Medical Center Mainland Division ,Jeanes Hospital  and Shore Memorial Hospital, Kessler Homecare  have helped me incredibly.  My doctors very simply they saved my life.  My family and friends they have kept me going mentally. I have come to realize how truly lucky I am and how much I really have.  The days when I thought I had problems I was easily humbled by those who I would see in the hospital who were much worse off.  Those who had never done the things which I can do and have done.  Those that make me realize just how lucky I am and just how good I really have it.  Cancer has taken a toll on my family.  My mother died of Small Cell Lung Cancer in October of 2007 and recently my father died of Multiple Myeloma in October of 2012.  I have truly learned that we don't always get a second chance and life should be lived to the fullest and never taken for granted.

Remember to Never Give Up!

God Bless